Insurance brokerage uses Avanade Advanced Marketing Solution

Business Situation

A leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm with operations in more than 120 countries needed a marketing tool to optimize its multi-channel marketing campaigns to millions of policy holders.

The company previously used a policy management system to handle customer interactions, but this method didn’t allow the marketing integration required to cross-sell and increase the number of policies per customer. The policy management system also failed to provide an enhanced customer service experience. Improving their marketing campaign targeting and making sure they were tracking each customer from first contact to purchase and after sales was the main objective of the project.


Accenture and Avanade were asked to develop a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics® CRM solution that would allow the client to drive its projected revenue growth. The CRM solution was an Avanade Advanced Marketing Solution (AMS) that integrated with the client’s policy management system and marketing email software to allow ‘mature marketing’ — the ability to adapt marketing campaigns to each consumer’s “level of engagement”. The pilot solution was first deployed to three countries to ensure the system achieved the desired results, then, once the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM system was proven to be as effective as predicted, it was rolled out to 34 countries.


Accenture and Avanade successfully designed, developed, tested and deployed a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Advanced Marketing Solution to multiple countries, providing the client with the following tangible benefits:

  • On track to double revenues in three years
  • Fast, targeted, multi-channel marketing by email, post and telephone
  • Higher campaign response and conversion rates
  • Better cross-selling outcomes
  • Improved agent productivity and customer service

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