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Cloud isn’t about doing the same things in a different way. It’s about doing new things in a new way.

Use cloud technology to break the traditional boundaries of IT services delivery. Boost innovation and create new revenue streams for your business. Reinvent productivity by weaving cloud applications into the fabric of the workplace.

Achieve the new economics of IT by creating value through new IT approaches with cloud to become a true digital business.

“Avanade has the know-how, the Microsoft expertise, and the innovative spirit we needed to successfully undertake a project of this magnitude and to deliver a solution with higher benefits and more security than we previously had.”

Markus Petrak Corporate Director, Integrated Business, Henkel AG

Maximize benefits enabled by cloud

Navigating all your cloud options can be complex and time consuming. This is where Avanade’s Cloud Advisory services can help.

We understand that each business is unique, and we provide the insights, strategies and planning support you need to adopt cloud technologies and capabilities to maximize results for your business. Our lifecycle approach to cloud helps to deliver business value at every stage. We’ll help you:

  • Realize business objectives with a comprehensive business case strategy.
  • Understand and choose the right cloud infrastructure, services and application strategy for your business.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing your cloud ecosystem with a tailored managed services strategy.

Our cloud expertise

A joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade has the experience, knowledge and resources to help maximize results with the cloud. We are a leader in designing, deploying and managing solutions for the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.
  • We are the leading Microsoft partner in certifications for deploying and administering Office 365
  • We have designed and deployed some of the largest Microsoft unified communications and collaboration projects,  including several with over 100,000 seats.
  • We have more certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner. 
  • We are a Microsoft Azure Preferred Partner and drive more consumption of Azure than any other Microsoft partner.
  • Together with Accenture, we were named Worldwide Consulting and SI Microsoft Azure Alliance Partner of the Year 2017.
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Agile is the answer

Go agile for a business that’s flexible, responsive and competitive.

Head to the cloud

Our experts share their insights on cloud.

The managed services advantage

IDC explains how to achieve significant productivity gains.

Henkel reinvents productivity with Office 365

Office 365 empowers 47,000 employees.

Robeco reduces costs and increases knowledge sharing and collaboration

The goal: new ways of working. The solution: Office 365.

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