The Future of the Banking Industry Podcast – Episode 1: The Future of Banking

Peter Barrett interviews Tom Merry from Accenture’s banking practice on how the banking sector is changing now and what this means for the future. Tom covers a variety of topics, including AI, fintechs, Open Banking, legacy, cloud, CX and workplace, as well as giving examples of innovative banks and where in the world to look for the latest developments. Tom talks regularly to the banking C-suite, giving him access to the latest thinking at the highest executive level. Indispensable listening for anyone working in this sector.

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Peter Barrett 

Peter Barrett
Global Marketing Lead, Financial Services, Avanade

Peter is the global Financial Services lead in the Marketing team. Prior to joining Avanade, he worked at Finastra, a global banking software business, where he helped set up their Partner Marketing function. He spent 10 years at Fujitsu where he was the global Marketing lead for the Financial Services sector.


Featured Guests

Tom Merry

Tom Merry
Managing Director, Banking Strategy, Accenture

Tom is a Managing Director who leads Accenture’s UKI Banking Strategy practice based out of London. Since joining Accenture as a graduate, Tom has focussed his career on advising global clients across Retail Banking, Commercial / Corporate Banking, Wealth Management and Capital Markets.



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