These are exciting times in retail. The richness of retail experiences has never been greater. And, the possibilities for brick and mortar stores to be an integral part of a retailer or brand’s customer experience are limited only by their imagination, innovation and execution.

Brick and mortar stores are essential to retailers’ growth plans and their continued quest for greater relevance in their customers’ lives. With a changing landscape, four retail upstarts offer valuable lessons to larger retailers weighed down by legacy.

Our Future of Stores Point of View showcases four retailers that are offering a valuable glimpse into the Future of Retail.

Download: The Future of Stores Point of View

What digital forgot: The retail frontline

Avanade and Microsoft partnered with Incisiv to survey retailers across the US, UK, Germany and France to get a glimpse into the frontline workforce.

The Phygital Generation in Retail

How market makers will shape retail in the Digital Age.

Retailers need to better enable their frontline workforce

As retailers prioritize improving their CX, they must do so on the back of an excellent employee experience, not at the cost of it.

Emerging technologies in retail: an execution primer

Aaron Reich and Melissa Sherrard chat emerging tech in retail in this Q&A blog post with Gaurav Pant of Incisiv.

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