Rethink the future of work

The world around you might seem unrecognizable compared to what you knew until recently. Just imagine how much will change in the next five years. That’s why we’ve created the Future Workplace Experience series. This hub gathers opinions, perspectives and projections from business, workplace and industry leaders – mapping the key trends that will define the workplace in 2025.

Just like the future of work, this series is evolving – so, it will build over the next few months. We’ll release new chapters regularly – so join us and watch the hub grow by subscribing below to get the latest updates. And join in – tell us what you think about these predictions and offer your own using the social links below.

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Finished exploring the latest content in this series? You won’t have to wait long – we’ll be revealing new chapters soon. Below you’ll find a sneak peek at what’s arriving next – and a button to subscribe, so you can get the latest chapters as soon as they land.

The future of the HR function

The Future of Frontline Work

The future of work: Banking

The future of work: Banking

The future of work: Healthcare

The future of work: Healthcare


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