Avanade and COOP developed a highly innovative vision and solution for ‘Next Generation Retailing’


Fully harnessing  the power of disruptive technology such as  predictive simulations, smartphones, touch technology, social retailing, search, geo-tagging, biometrics.

Thriving on the fact that customers are more informed, demanding and expect more meaningful interaction across multiple channels and devices.

Translating the insight/interaction into a long lasting win-win relationship where the customer is in charge of the personalised interaction (when, where how, what, why) based on their unique needs and wants.

Integrating and personalizing data and experience across all channels via “segment-of-one” digital marketing.

Business Situation

As part of a business transformation initiative, Coop wished to further improve its customer focus and competitive edge through a highly innovative vision for ‘Next Generation Retailing’.


COOP, together with Avanade, developed a highly innovative vision  and solution based on advanced customer centricity, customer loyalty and a consistent multi-channel execution. The solution has been highlighted at international events such as National Retail Federation in New York and Euroshoper in Dusseldorf.

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