Lifeboard enabled by Kinect

Business Situation

Ideon Gateway a new landmark building in Lund, Sweden opened in January 2013. The 19 story building was designed to be a technical role model and the most environmental friendly building in the Nordic region. In cooperation with Ideon Science Park, Ikano Fastigheter wanted to reflect this design further with the help of Avanade.


Kinect driven background technology and a beautiful interactive application with sharp animations and crisp typography is welcoming the visitors in the building’s ground floor. The visitor can interact with the seven 46” screens spanning over 4 meters in length as the display provides a dynamic view of what floors companies are located on.

Ikano Fastigheter has a state of the art technical information board in the hotel lobby at Ideon Gateway providing a more delightful experience compared with a regular non-interactive lobby information board. The reactive background that comes to life when guests walk in front of the board, sparks a sense of curiosity, surprise and fun.

Customer Solution

Avanade Digital was asked to develop a concept for an interactive digital information board at the entrance reflecting the ambition of a connected, modern and stimulating work environment

By introducing a Kinect device, sound, motion capture and 3D, depth information could be leveraged to bring a subtle yet inviting breath of life to the information board.

''Avanade has helped contextualize our vision for a digital information board and applied it to a setting we see fit for Ideon Gateway.''

Magnus Andersson Property Developer, Ikano Fastigheter AB

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