Major investment bank’s new swap trading platform decreases search and maintenance time

Business Situation

This client was using a swap booking and trading platform that was nearly 15 years old, and had been developed without proper user interface design principles. The application was slow and complicated — requiring multiple steps and several hours to review simple trades — leading to a poor experience for those who used it.

Wanting to give traders a more modern, user-friendly tool, the bank needed a trusted adviser that could help build a solution while imparting good coding standards for future scalability and internal upgrades. Recognising our experience in transforming the capital markets space, and eager to adopt an agile, iterative approach for the project, it partnered with Avanade.


Over the course of eight months, Avanade helped build an MVP release of the scalable app structure, following high coding standards. The new platform was developed in ReactJS, using existing client technologies. It helps define the user journey, and prioritises UX design by giving users a intuitive interface to quickly search for, and access, swap trades. Importantly, Avanade’s role as a trusted adviser allowed us to help the client’s in-house development team adopt best practices to handle upgrades and maintenance going forward.


  • Users can search for swap trades nearly five times faster
  • Swap maintenance takes minutes instead of hours
  • Improved trader experience boosts satisfaction
  • Continuous update of application dependencies ensures long-term maintainability, security and performance

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