It’s the experience that sells

Customer experience (CX) is the link between people and products. It’s what connects every customer moment, from the first interaction to the latest purchase. Companies that get CX right outperform their peers on a number of important dimensions, including customer loyalty (+17%) and revenues (+11%).*

Is your CX worth coming back for? Great customer experience goes far beyond a single touchpoint or campaign. It starts with a holistic strategy that includes UX design, data and analytics, e-commerce and innovative platforms. Your people also need to be enabled with the right workplace tools and capabilities to engage seamlessly with your customers.

That’s where Avanade excels. We help you design exceptional experiences to make your customers feel inspired, cared for and confident.

* “Employee Experience Reimagined,” Accenture, 2017

“St. Gallen Symposium is an event which has a very high level of customisation and a very personal way of interacting with participants and speakers ... we wanted a single system that would treat participants as individuals.”

Dominic Baumann Chief Operating Officer, St. Gallen Symposium

Design CX to benefit customers – and your company

Are you leaving money on the table? Research from Avanade and Sitecore found that for every $1 spent on developing CX strategy, organisations see a $3 return. If your CX could be better, then you’re not alone. In our research, 95% of executives said that aspects of their customer experience are in critical need of improvement.

We partner with clients worldwide to create rich, connected, personalised and engaging customer experiences that boost customer loyalty and confidence. Our customer experience expertise will help you achieve:

  • A comprehensive CX strategy aligned with your company’s overall business strategy
  • Channel management for intuitive and seamless multichannel experiences
  • Strong advocacy and followership – online and offline
  • Year-on-year leaps in customer satisfaction
  • Strong brand loyalty
  • Sales and revenue growth
  • Lower cost of customer acquisition
  • Best-in-class customer journeys and touchpoints
  • Improved productivity through better internal processes and technology leverage

Spend $1 on CX, get $3 back

How to get a 3x return through customer experience.


Reimagine sales and service

Digital changes how you sell to and service your customers.

The CX Trek: Our unique approach

People, creativity and technology play an important role in CX, but great customer experiences start with a vision and a plan.

We help clients deliver exceptional experiences for customers, shorten their sales cycles and improve the bottom line. How? By combining human-centred design with the latest engineering principles and technologies.

Our CX Trek takes you through three stages to create outstanding customer experiences:

  • Digital Foundation: build your business case and strategy; apply data and insight; leverage the right technology
  • Digital Empowerment: accelerate data and insights; infuse experience design; connect channels and content; empower employees; develop a CX culture
  • Digital Innovation: advance your data and insight; enable change; innovate at speed

Award-winning CX expertise 

We’ll work with you to understand how a CX strategy can deliver on your business objectives. This may be an envisioning exercise for the entire customer experience or a more targeted approach to digital marketing campaigns, the strategic use of data and analytics, CRM services, channel management, including e-commerce, and organizational enablement for successful adoption and continual innovation.

We bring together technologies such as Sitecore, Microsoft Azure, machine learning and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create bespoke solutions that achieve scale and realize results. Meanwhile, our managed services can reduce the load on your IT function.

Our CX technology experience is second to none:
  • Microsoft Alliance SI Partner of the Year, 11 years in a row
  • Microsoft’s largest Azure partner
  • Sitecore’s only Global Platinum Services partner
  • The world’s number one Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner
  • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists
  • Over 250 Sitecore clients around the world

We’ve completed more Sitecore implementations on Azure than anybody else. And we ensure that you see results: Our clients have won 21 Sitecore Experience Awards in the past five years for the work we’ve done with them.

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