Cloud delivers the speed you need

Cloud is more than technology: It’s a way of gaining an essential strategic advantage. In the digital world, businesses simply can’t compete without the speed, agility and scale delivered by the cloud.

When done right, a cloud transformation helps you respond rapidly to new opportunities. And you can reduce time to market for new initiatives with business applications modernised for the cloud. At the same time, you can make the most of your operational environment by quickly scaling resources and capitalising on the value of an elastic cloud architecture.

“Avanade and Accenture’s expertise in the Windows Azure platform helped us transition to cloud-based services cost effectively. Now we can more quickly scale up and deliver critical solutions for our humanitarian aid partners at times of urgent need.”

Michael Ross Vice President, Delivery, The Aidmatrix Foundation

Capitalise on the benefits of cloud

By modernising applications and creating services that help move you to a cloud IT model you can maximise efficiency, increase agility and have the freedom to innovate. 

We’ll help you:

  • Understand and choose the right cloud approach with portfolio assessments and pilot migrations.
  • Modernise applications that enhance the scale, cost and flexibility of the cloud, while still retaining control and extending the value of existing systems.
  • Standardise and consolidate your IT infrastructure and help strengthen governance and reduce risk

    We move you to the cloud faster and with less risk

    Avanade is a leading provider of Microsoft cloud technologies and we have some of the largest and most complex enterprise deployments on Microsoft Azure.

    We can help you plan and implement your move to the cloud, with solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. Our proven end-to-end approach ensures seamless integration of existing systems and data into cloud environments

    Cloud application development

    Accelerate your digital growth.

    Get agile with Azure

    Innovate faster when you take your applications to the cloud.

    Upgrade from Windows Server 2003

    With Microsoft support ended, moving to cloud is urgent.

    Application managed services

    Open doors to new opportunities.

    We have the cloud expertise and experience

    We’re experts in how cloud applications are designed and managed, integrated across systems and devices, and secured and governed. We are also one of the world’s leading experts on designing, deploying and managing Microsoft cloud ecosystems.

    • We have more certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner.
    • We are a Microsoft Azure Preferred Partner.
    • We drive more consumption of Azure than any other Microsoft partner. 
    We take advantage of our innovative tools and methodologies, and we combine those with our scalable Global Delivery Network to provide proven industrialised offerings that quickly deliver repeatable, well-defined outcomes. Cloud provides the speed you need to become a digital business. Avanade helps you achieve this faster with less risk.

    Get the speed you need with cloud

    Put the right pieces in place to quickly become a digital business.

    Hybrid cloud: From hype to reality

    Has hybrid cloud reached a tipping point?

    Agile is the answer

    Go agile for a business that’s flexible, responsive and competitive.

    Head to the cloud

    Our experts share their insights on cloud.

    Avanade and Williams Martini Racing

    Driving digital transformation on and off the track.

    Aidmatrix takes relief delivery to the cloud

    Faster response times and lower costs for the aid organisation.

    AGL’s digital differentiation

    Energy company delivers a high-value digital customer experience.

    Aviva goes digital

    Mobile app enables customers to report claims and manage their accounts.

    Cloud Advisory

    Maximise the value of cloud with insights, strategies and planning.

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    Desktop Modernisation

    Empower your workforce with technology.

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    Unified Communications and Collaboration

    Transform how work is done in your organisation.

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    Next steps

    Learn more about how cloud can bring efficiency, agility and innovation to your business.

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