Business Situation

Bauducco is the largest manufacturer of panettone in the world and one of the largest manufacturers of baked goods in South America. Today, the brand is present in more than 50 countries, bringing its legacy and history of entrepreneurship that transformed a small bakery into a global success. As it grew, Bauducco needed to find ways to reduce costs as it migrated to the cloud to support its strategic business agenda.

“Through a detailed assessment of our architecture and the establishment of strict cost management governance, we achieved an average reduction of 30% in our annual cost to our existing basis and cost optimization to meet our growth goals and new project objectives. These cost reductions have allowed us to direct more resources to support our strategic agenda.”

Edvaldo Bispo CIO, Bauducco


Together, Bauducco and Avanade created a FinOps project that would reduce costs by reviewing the cloud architecture and creating optimized solutions for new demands. Our action plan included:

  • Optimization of the servers’ active hours
  • Studies of peak utilization
  • Reduced costs by adopting instance reservations versus pay-as-you-go rates

We also created a management and governance model that established a process of continuous improvement and deepened the partnership between our organizations.


Bauducco’s FinOps process implementation for its more than 100 online servers has generated a 30% reduction in the company's cloud costs in the last 12 months. After one year, the Bauducco team spends less than before on implementation, with more data being added to the cloud. We’re continuing to work jointly to find additional cost reduction opportunities, with a goal of reducing an additional 10% in the subsequent year.

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