Today’s fast-paced business is getting even more constrained by uncertainty for the future where rapid decision making and shorter lead times are required for survival and success in the ever-changing financial climate.

Hear how Scania Financial Services is future-proofing and transforming its organization for increased business value. Scania FS has multiple locations and a very inhomogeneous IT structure, facing various regulations, compliance needs, and diverse data availability. Scania FS decided to focus on business value by concentrating on use case deployment and reimagining the use of financial and non-financial data for internal and external use.

By combining new technologies and processes and with the power of Accenture’s and Microsoft’s expert alliance (AMBG), Scania FS has built a foundation to easily scale and adapt to market conditions with agility and speed and be ready for any future opportunities that lie ahead.

In this webinar with Scania, Accenture, and Microsoft we will discuss:

  • The reason why Scania FS needed to change and the principles that were developed
  • What steps are taken to become an insight-driven business and developing data driven decision-making processes
  • How is the program executed and what use cases have been in focus
  • The technology and architecture behind the transformation and how this is managed in an agile way

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Helena Hörnebrant

Helena Hörnebrant
Scania Director Operation and Transformation, Sweden

Helena Hörnebrant joined Scania Financial Services late spring 2019 as Director of Operations which includes Digital Transformation, Insights and Labs. She is responsible for developing and executing the Scania Financial Services integrated long term strategy and accelerating the change and transformation muscle. Before joining Scania Helena has worked as a change strategist where she has focused to develop, harmonize and digitalize banks and financial institutions as well as working as an entrepreneur building digital start-ups for companies such as Scania, Volvo, Kuuza, Avega and Nasdaq etc. Currently she is also working as senior adviser to start ups and innovation tanks.


Kurt Rosander

Kurt Rosander
Accenture Managing Director Digital & Analytics - Financial Services, Nordic

Kurt is responsible for the Applied Intelligence business for the Financial Services Industry at Accenture. He leads the Customer Sales & services team within Insurance and also managing Accenture's engagements for Scania financial services.

Kurt holds a master’s degree from Chalmers University if technology and Tecn. Lic. within Industrial Organization. He has been working with creating Business Insight for organizations since early 1990 and has had CEO positions, board member as well as being advisor to large companies. He has also written articles published in international press. Before joining Accenture in 2012 he has worked at companies such as Acando, IBS. Kurt started his working career at Hägglunds & Söner 1987.


Ayaz Shukat

Ayaz Shukat
Microsoft Account Technology Strategist – Financial Services, Sweden

With 20+ years in the Tech industry, Ayaz is working as a digital strategist, building close relationships with executives as an advocate and advisor focusing on Digital Transformation. Focusing on the Banking and Capital markets today as an Industry CTO and constantly promoting true value using future-proof Technology platforms such as Cloud.


Per Strid
Avanade Industry Lead – Financial Services, Sweden

Per Strid is the Financial Services Industry Lead in Sweden. He has more than 20 years’ experience from IT transformation projects across various industries. Leveraging on experience from the delivery dimension whilst helping banks, insurance companies and financial institutes to improve the value of their IT investments. Per is passionate about the human perspective of IT-transformations – how to implement business change as an enabler for successful IT-initiatives.



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