Here’s why Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA is better than ever

  • Posted on November 16, 2015

Francois Matte at Convergence 2015As I get ready for Microsoft Convergence EMEA in Barcelona (30 Nov. – 2 Dec.) I can’t help but expect two things: Everything is going to be the same. And everything is going to be different.

Let me explain.

I’ve been attending Convergence for the past 11 years. And in that time I have come to know it as one of the most powerful, inspiring and resourceful events for my peers in the ERP and CRM business. And in that regard, #CONV15 will be the same great event it’s always been.

But it’s also undergoing a fundamental shift, a transformation that not only reflects Microsoft’s own cloud and mobile-first reinvention under the helm of Satya Nadella, but the larger macro trends the entire IT industry, and the business world as a whole, are undergoing. This is what will be different – and it’s what will make Convergence better than ever.

Since kicking off 2015 with its first Convergence event in Atlanta, Microsoft made it clear that #CONV15 is moving away from a narrow focus on ERP and CRM Dynamics updates, to a broader exploration of business transformation and digital best practices. In my view, Convergence – and the dialogue about Dynamics itself – has never been more laser focused on the larger, more fruitful application to the entire enterprise.

Importantly, this means that even if the “speeds and feeds” of the latest Dynamics upgrades aren’t the most intriguing things in the world to you (as they might be to a guy like me), Convergence will have something of value to offer you. It means that if you are hoping to find guidance on how businesses like yours can transform and thrive in the digital age, Convergence is the place to be.

I’ve often said you can get more done in just a few days at Convergence, than in months of planning and research at home. This year, that sentiment is truer than ever. “Come curious, leave empowered,” is the fitting tagline for an event with a rich set of keynotes and session tracks dedicated to real-world business transformation. Expect to get a first glimpse of Dynamics AX 7, the NEW Dynamics and the Public Cloud ERP from Microsoft, which will unleash a radical consumption-based pricing model.

But you will also have a chance to connect with businesses like yours that are using ERP as the backbone of a truly digital, modern and customer-focused organization.

For our part, Avanade will be present in full force at Microsoft Convergence in Barcelona. Drop by booth #18 to say hello, or come hear our own Andy Smith dissect the revolution taking over the world of retailers, and how that’s driving change in other industries from banking, to insurance, to healthcare. We’ll also have a private meeting room near the Convergence Experience Center where you can schedule time to meet with our European and Industry teams.  And if you need to take a break from the busy conference, come join us in our Digital Lounge where you can relax, charge your device, and network with other conference attendees.  Keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the guy enjoying the same great event, and soaking in just how different it is, all at the same time.



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November 28, 2015

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