How to accelerate your content vision to transform customer experience

  • Posted on May 28, 2024
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Personalised content experience

Today’s customers demand a personalized content experience. 60% say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.1 They want to find a brand that can keep pace and anticipate their unique needs with dynamic content that delivers real value.

The C-suite knows it, with 75% of executives believing strong content is the strategic edge to growing customer lifetime value. However, only two in 10 businesses feel they leverage content well.2 So why are businesses struggling to deliver?

Often, it’s the location of their marketing content. Businesses give control over to external agencies, resulting in content being stored disparately across various platforms. Without content autonomy, businesses face inefficiencies, increased time to market, higher costs, and no single source of truth.

Inside the modern business, marketing professionals and their creative suppliers require a solution that can provide insight, structure, and collaboration across the entire content lifecycle.

For C-level stakeholders, the focus lies on a best-in-class content creation and management solution that can maximize every business outcome for optimal ROI.

Businesses need a new, intelligent way to manage their content lifecycle and keep customers happy and loyal. Ideally, this means the creation of a centralized hub to store and deploy personalized content whenever customers expect it.

Dare to dream bigger with end-to-end content control
Sitecore Content Hub is the intelligent content lifecycle management platform that businesses need. It’s built on cloud-based technology, meaning the platform can relocate your content from multiple agencies into a centralized in-house portal.

For businesses, this translates into complete control – unlocking dynamic, flexible, and intelligent capabilities to match your content planning, creation, and collaboration ambitions.

Under the hood, Sitecore Content Hub is equipped with a comprehensive package of powerful tools. Its best-in-class capabilities work in harmony, providing you with the means to make what matters by controlling the entire content lifecycle.

Benefits you can achieve with Avanade and Sitecore Content Hub, include:

  • Delivering consistent brand experiences
  • Leveraging economies of scale for better ROI
  • Mitigating risks and lowering their potential impact
  • Ensuring rapid and reactive omnichannel deployment
  • Optimizing and standardizing content quality and distribution
  • Improving decision-making with critical performance insights

Unlock success with Avanade’s Content Velocity Accelerator
By achieving true content velocity, you can meet and exceed your customers’ personalization-first expectations. It’s why we created our Accelerator – it sets you up for success with Sitecore Content Hub quickly, in only eight weeks.

With our support, you can rapidly realize your blueprint to unify, plan, create, and manage your content within a single hub. This will allow you to optimize your digital asset management capabilities through a powerful stack that’s deeply integrated into your existing systems.

This is why our Content Velocity Accelerator is the start of your new competitive advantage. It will allow you to harness an efficient and accurate workflow combined with a centralized and streamlined administration of digital assets – saving you money, time, and resources.

To ensure your project’s success, we build three areas of best practice into our approach:

  • Driving adoption
  • De-risking the project
  • Driving efficiencies

The outcome will help you lower the pressure on your marketing teams responsible for content development – helping your business drive creative brilliance across all platforms while diligently maintaining content accessibility, diversity, and consistency.

Regain content control
Cultivating brand loyalty stems from delivering exceptional experiences. Your customers want an experience that’s rich with understanding, personalization, and relevance to their lives.

Avanade and Sitecore unite technical expertise and intelligent insights with a personalization-first platform – making it possible to place your customers at the heart of their own story, while doing it seamlessly and memorably.

By stepping into your world, we deliver a 360° experience that positions you to achieve your goals. We get to know your unique ambitions and challenges, designing and delivering a tailor-made, perfect-fit digital experience stack that’s powered by Sitecore technology.

In the long term, we’re your steadfast partners at every moment. Not only guiding you forward but keeping your brand ahead of the competition through our expertise with powerful custom builds and capabilities.

We have over 20 years of experience as partners. It’s why together, we can help your brand deliver exceptional content and forge meaningful connections that keep customers coming back for more.

Are you feeling inspired by the potential of intelligent content lifecycle management through Sitecore Content Hub? Learn how you can accelerate your brand’s vision.

1Source: “State of Personalization Report 2021”, Twillo Segment
2Source: You Are Your Content. Accenture State of Content Report


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