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To keep up with modern security, you need to go cloud

Posted by Chris Miller on November 12, 2018

In this blog, Chris Miller describes security challenges in the era of cloud, the forces driving the need for cloud security and what to expect next.

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It’s time we finally started treating security like a process

Posted by Chris Miller on October 16, 2018

Avanade Global Security Lead Chris Miller explains the importance of treating security like a process in order to protect the modern enterprise.

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SecOps is more effective thanks to Microsoft Windows Defender

Posted by Sean Friart on September 24, 2018

Security Operation teams now have a new weapon in their arsenal against potential threats, compromises and breaches, both external and internal to the enterprise. Find out details from Sean Friart.

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Secure 3rd party collaboration: Call it creativity without boundaries

Posted by Jason Revill on August 29, 2018

Jason Revill discusses the importance of secure 3rd party collaboration and how Avanade can help you achieve it.

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Data, data everywhere and not a drop to drink

Posted by Joseph Davis on August 7, 2018

Joe Davis discusses the importance of establishing digital trust and anonymizing data in order to comply with GDPR.

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Are you secure enough?

Posted by Joseph Davis on May 22, 2018

Joe Davis explains the importance of making cyber-security an absolute priority in your organization.

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Descending the mountain: Staying vigilant with data privacy regulations

Posted by Larry A. Mathias on May 3, 2018

Get tips on how your organization can stay complaint after GDPR has been implemented.

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Observations from my first RSA Conference

Posted by Chris Miller on April 26, 2018

Chris Miller shares details from his first experience at the annual RSA Conference, the world’s leading information and cyber security event.

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The EU is serious about data protection—R U?

Posted by Joseph Davis on April 18, 2018

Don’t panic, focus. Make progress on your GDPR plan with these helpful tips from Joseph Davis.

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Protecting your organization’s most important assets

Posted by Larry A. Mathias and Aravind Gyanbote on March 7, 2018

Larry A. Mathias and Aravind Gyanbote discuss how Avanade ensures the safety and security of all critical assets with AAP and CDP.

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