Why it’s time to think differently about workplace security

  • Posted on September 25, 2019
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common workplace security challenges

No-one wants to be the merchant of doom and gloom. The one who has to list the reasons why those exciting, visionary plans your team has lined up for its modern workplace transformation can’t or won’t work – all because of security implications.

So, if you’ve been in that position, I feel your pain.

I’ve had countless conversations over the years with clients who believe they can’t enjoy the latest workplace platforms and technology due to supposed security vulnerabilities.

Risky business
It’s not the IT department’s fault. IT teams are understandably nervous – with security vendors and platforms attracting heavy scrutiny from legal and procurement departments.

There’s no doubt that new technologies empower employees to work in innovative ways and create huge productivity opportunities. Just check out the research as part of our Workplace Experience strategy for evidence. Despite this, those responsible for assessing risk argue that emerging workplace tools could leave the businesses vulnerable to cyber threats.

And they might have been right, until fairly recently…

Security evolution, workplace revolution
In the last few years, Microsoft has transformed the security posture of its workplace platforms. Gone are the days of compromise (and the conservative approach to workplace modernisation that inevitably resulted in).

Microsoft has shifted its focus to lead with security. Windows 10 is the most secure operating system that’s ever existed. Microsoft’s data centres – which power modern workplace platforms – are more secure than those of most enterprises across the globe. And licensing bundles such as Office 365 E3 and E5 provide Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), endpoint and device protection, and email and document security.

This means any lingering concerns about modern workplace security can be emphatically addressed.

Beyond burden to benefit
With an integrated secure modern workplace, you don’t need to get bogged down by the burden of security management. Instead you can confidently embrace new workplace technologies – even if you’re in a heavily regulated sector.

Below I’ve gathered together four typical security burdens and explained how a Microsoft-powered modern workplace can turn these challenges on their head, to become business-empowering benefits.

Burden #1: Device management and endpoint protection
Benefit: Attract high-calibre employees
Talent acquisition and retention is a huge challenge for organisations across the globe. By enabling employees to use the devices they prefer anywhere and at any time, you’ll not only achieve greater productivity but also make your organisation more attractive to potential recruits.

Intune – Microsoft’s device management solution – ensures your company-owned and bring-your-own (BYO) devices are robustly managed, with the latest firmware and security updates applied.

And by turning the device management burden into a workplace benefit, organisations can improve employee experiences – creating a more appealing proposition for prospective candidates.

Burden #2: Balancing security with employee productivity
Benefit: Unlock powerful collaboration possibilities
Those attractive employee experiences extend to improved collaboration too. Once again, Microsoft’s secure modern workplace makes this possible – with tools such as Teams and Skype for Business offering industry-leading encryption.

The secure modern workplace gives organisations the reassurance and peace of mind to adopt collaboration tools with confidence.

With IAM (Identity and Access Management) and strong delegation capabilities, that collaboration potential doesn’t just include internal teams, but external parties too – supremely helpful for contractor workforces, partnerships and outsourcing.

Burden #3: Meeting compliance requirements
Benefit: Data security becomes your differentiator
Data security has traditionally been seen as an onerous obligation – a perspective has been reinforced by the hefty fines that await firms who contravene the stipulations of GDPR.

But, with the built-in data and information security services offered by Office 365 (O365) and Microsoft 365, you can flip that viewpoint on its head. These platforms transform data security from cumbersome duty to a competitive differentiator.

They not only give you rigorous control over the delegation of rights, but you can also gain insights into the devices, users and applications that are accessing specific data assets.

Tagging and the automatic classification and encryption of sensitive data then helps keep your information secure and prevents it from being lost, stolen or accidentally leaked.

These capabilities and the evergreen nature of O365 ensure you always have the right controls in place and to meet your compliance obligations without having to stress about continually updating your application and data security policies.

Burden #4: managing multiple security platforms
Benefit: Efficiency from an evergreen ecosystem
The evergreen evolution of Microsoft’s Secure Modern Workplace means it’s constantly adapting as the wider security environment develops.

Addressing new compliance requirements, responding to emerging cyber threats, embracing new devices and platforms, or enabling new ways of working – Microsoft’s integrated and evergreen workplace security approach lessens the administrative burden on your IT team.

And with that reduced overhead, you’ll have more time (and more confidence) to embrace the full range of possibilities that the modern workplace offers.

Redefine the workplace experience
If you’re looking to derive competitive advantage from your workplace technology, you need to have the confidence that your data, apps and your business is secure. That’s what we can help you achieve, by harnessing the full potential of Microsoft Secure Modern Workplace platforms.

Find out more about how we can help turn security burdens into commercial benefits for your organisation – download our Secure Workplace solutions brochure now.

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