Hessenatie expands services

Customer background

Hessenatie Logistics is a logistics service provider located in Belgium (Flanders) whose core business is the management and optimization of logistic processes. Hessenatie offers a wide range of services from handling, storage and distribution of goods (2PL), to the management of the supply and demand chain (4PL). Hessenatie Logistics owns 130.000m² of fully racked storage capacity.

Business situation

The nature of providing logistic services has changed dramatically in recent years. It is gradually becoming a specialist field, with increasing requests for the integration of complex flows of goods. Vertical integration, by aligning processes within one supply chain, as well as horizontal integration, by allowing collaboration between different supply chains. The logistics provider is increasingly expected to act as a thinking partner. This in turn calls for considerable investments in technology and information management, as these two factors will be essential in the field of logistics in the future.

Solution / Technology

Hessenatie Logistics partnered with Avanade for the development of a unique Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform to support and optimize the logistic, warehousing and accompanying administrative flows of Hessenatie Logistics’ respective customers. This custom Dynamics AX platform, called HL-ware, can easily be extended to accommodate a new customer or principal (as Hessenatie Logistics calls its customers). 

What makes HL-ware unique is not only the wide scope of logistic and warehousing processes it supports, it also allows Hessenatie Logistics to optimize logistics flows across multiple customers.


When we first started conversations with Hessenatie Logistics, they had just developed a new business strategy to move away from a standard supplier of warehousing services and move towards a more partnering role to help customers in optimizing their entire supply chain. From the start, Hessenatie Logistics believed that Avanade was the right partner and Microsoft Dynamics AX the right platform to support them in achieving their strategic vision.

Today Hessenatie Logistics managed to position themselves as one of the most innovative European logistics providers.

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