Solucia SPJ – an insurance company specializing in legal protection – launched a digital transformation project with a prior provider, with the aim of migrating its entire information system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for all business functions. These include sales, marketing, finance, compensation service, customer service and accounting. Following the implementation, it found issues that needed to be addressed to preserve core company functions and turned to us for assistance. We conducted a technical audit and an overview of the solution, which resulted in findings of potential problems and shortcomings. We then activated a remediation plan to restore the vital functions of the platform. This work included:

  • An audit of the CRM and ERP components of Solucia SPJ’s solution relative to file management, customer/partner management, and invoicing and FinOps integration.
  • Managed services to support Solucia SPJ over the long term, providing maintenance and delivering value to users.

“Today, we have regained stability in our IT tools, regarding the CRM and the ERP. We have quality of service and totally satisfied teams, enabling us to look at the future with peace of mind and to reintegrate our business projects into our IT roadmap.”

Thibault Saint Olive Chief Financial Officer, Solucia SPJ

Solucia SPJ regained stability on its IT tools and teams now have the autonomy to setup their own configurations by transferring Dynamics 365 skills to employees. There is increased integration between the CRM and ERP and is helping improve customer and employee experiences, resulting in:

  • Higher team satisfaction attributed to new features available and stabilized infrastructure
  • Enhanced service levels due to solution optimization

Solucia SPJ is now looking to reintegrate all business projects into its IT roadmap to enrich its information system. The goal is to industrialize and optimize experiences for its salesforce and clients.

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