New Avanade office in NYC leveraging mobility & digital tech

  • Posted on November 4, 2015

Avanade NYC office

Creating an effective workplace in the 21st Century is more than providing offices, cubicles and conference rooms. Today’s modern office must address the needs of the employee and re-enforcing the organization‘s brand.

Recently, Avanade opened a new, 15,465-square-foot office in the SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan. The new office provides an open and collaborative space for our people, and highlights our expertise as the leading digital innovator to clients, potential recruits and visitors. We even hosted a special event last month to celebrate the new Avanade office, which had a particular emphasis on women in innovation.

The workplace design is part of a worldwide initiative to equip our offices with the latest innovative technologies as well as other visual elements that demonstrate our strengths, vision and personality. The result is a vibrant space that energizes our local team and fosters a strong sense of community. Throughout the office, visitors can’t miss Avanade’s orange branding, from the paint color and decals on the walls to the accent in the flooring.

The NY leadership team created the new space around the concept of the 3 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration & Community. With that in mind, the office includes a variety of spaces and design elements to inspire employees, clients and visitors:

  • Digital screens in the lobby that inform visitors and employees of recent Avanade news. Future plans call for the addition of HoloLens, Microsoft’s fully-untethered, see-through holographic computer, and Surface Hub, a gigantic, "ultrahigh-definition" touchscreen display. A digital story wall adjacent to the lobby plays a continuous loop of testimonials from local employees.
  • “Device bars” that showcase the Microsoft technologies Avanade frequently leverages to help its clients realize results. These interactive bars enable employees, clients and recruits to experience the innovative ways in which Avanade is helping businesses evolve their digital strategies with the latest solutions.
  • A flexible floor plan that features a variety of collaborative work areas. Open seating is available in the middle of the floor, encircled by enclosed offices. Glass panels bring natural light onto the interior spaces and smart, color-changing LED lighting help simulate the light-dark cycle that reinforce circadian rhythms and, in turn, increase productivity and general well-being. The design includes “huddle” areas for ad-hoc meetings with writable walls that double as whiteboards, and a projection touchscreen film wall. We also have ‘phone rooms’ equipped with adjustable-height tables.
  • A game-themed lunch room/break area doubles as additional collaboration space in a more informal environment. There, you will find a foosball table, an Xbox system and an F1 simulator, which ties into the company’s global sponsorship of the F1 Williams Martini racing team.

To facilitate collaboration and flexibility, the office uses an event system to manage the reservation of workspaces to accommodate both employees who come into the office daily and “unassigned” space for individuals who need a temporary location when not traveling or working from home.

The new NYC offices is designed to work for everyone: meeting the needs of employees, attracting the talent we need to grow our business, and showcasing our position as the leading digital innovator to our clients and the marketplace.

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