Data on fire! Highlights from the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference

  • Posted on April 3, 2024
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Artificial intelligence is unleashing and accelerating value for businesses at an exponential rate, making everyone’s heads spin. With capabilities like generative AI for code and content, and Copilot standing in as our very own personal assistant, AI is playing a crucial role in helping organizations to accomplish more with their people, data and systems than ever before.

Let’s be honest, many organizations don’t have the infrastructure, clean data or expertise in place to seize the AI opportunity. Our team believes that businesses should be increasing their data modernization investments to achieve a unified, central and reliable data foundation. Only then can they make their AI aspirations a reality, scaling them across multiple locations and initiatives.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Microsoft Fabric is transforming the data landscape and accelerating AI readiness for organizations across industries.

There’s never been a better time to modernize data and reach for the AI stars. That’s why it’s an exciting time to be at the first-ever Microsoft Fabric Community Conference. Thousands of data practitioners came together to learn about what the future holds for Microsoft Fabric – how it’s transforming the data landscape and accelerating the pathways for organizations to become more data and AI-driven.

From keynote speaking sessions to conversations in the expo hall, we connected with clients, showcased our proprietary solutions and met with industry leaders working to build the future with data innovation.

Highlights from our presence at the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference
Accenture and Avanade were proud Diamond sponsors of the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference. So far, we’ve connected with clients to showcase our proprietary technology, experiences and learnings – helping clients accelerate data value with confidence in Microsoft Fabric. There is nothing more reassuring than learning from leaders who have walked the walk and are working to build the future with data innovation together with our clients and partners.

  • Executive roundtable: There is nothing quite like standing on stage and showcasing how we drink our own champaign with Microsoft Fabric. I was joined by my colleagues for a great discussion around why and how we implemented Microsoft Fabric at Avanade. More importantly, we know that getting your data foundation right will expedite and support AI strategy for the future. We shared how Microsoft Fabric is solving problems with our own data complexity; shared lessons from building the world’s largest instance of Microsoft Fabric; our commitment to growing Fabric expertise through training 6K+ data professionals across Avanade and Accenture; and positive feedback from our early adopter clients.

  • Client showcase: Our data lead Alan Grogan was joined by the CDO and CTO of beloved cookware company Le Creuset to discuss data challenges, data value, and what the future may hold as emerging technologies evolve. It was a packed room and a great conversation.

Our guide explores how Microsoft Fabric powers data transformation
At the conference, we’re sharing our new guide on Microsoft Fabric, “Optimize your data to maximize the benefits of AI,” now available for free download. Avanade and Accenture are helping clients build a stronger data foundation and ready their people, processes and platforms for the era of AI. The importance of a robust data platform is unquestionable. But is your organization considering all the factors you need to be successful? Download the guide to learn more about how Microsoft Fabric accelerates date value and AI readiness at scale.

Let’s talk Microsoft Fabric and data transformation for the AI era
While we’re back from the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, we would love to keep the conversation going. Accenture and Avanade have unrivaled industry and Microsoft expertise that can help your business to unleash Microsoft Fabric and build AI responsibly. Aligned with Accenture’s $3 billion investment in data and AI, we’ve built a dedicated Microsoft Fabric team across Accenture and Avanade. We have upskilled thousands of Fabric-certified professionals who can support your adoption with targeted guidance, implementation, security assessments and education opportunities.

In our just-released point-of-view, we’ve collected more insights on the power of Microsoft Fabric, and what Accenture and Avanade can do to help you unleash it. We also share our own lessons learned building the world’s largest instance of Microsoft Fabric across Accenture and Avanade.

Download our new guide to explore Microsoft Fabric’s features, real-world use cases and how to get started today.

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