Empowering green futures: Avanade's vision for renewable energy

  • Posted on March 28, 2024
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Avanade is a leading innovator of Digital technologies. Avanade has been working across the energy and utilities sector for over 20 years, helping our clients thrive in complex energy markets by innovating next generation technology solutions through cloud, data & AI.

Today, the UK and Europe are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of green energy. The European Commission's Green Deal aims for a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, a goal that resonates with the UK's ambitious Climate Change Act which pledges an 80% reduction in emissions from 1990 levels by the same year. Demonstrating a solid commitment, the UK has allocated over a billion pounds in grants to foster the growth of green industries, highlighting its role in the global push towards renewable energy. Complementing this, the European Union's plan to invest one trillion euros to meet its 2030 targets underscores the region's determination to lead the world in renewable energy adoption. Together, these efforts position the UK and Europe as luminaries on the global stage of renewable energy.

The dawn of the green energy era is upon us, with the UK and Europe at its vanguard. It’s a journey marked by ambitious goals, innovative technologies, and the steadfast commitment to a sustainable future. This exploration of the green energy landscape reveals how solar, wind, hydro, and newly emerging sources are not just transforming the power sector but also charting a new course for the economy and the environment. For energy trading companies, the transition presents a frontier of profit – a chance to be at the helm of the greatest energy transformation in history.

Solar power: Europe’s radiant revolution
In the sunlit fields of the UK and across Europe’s expanse, solar energy is experiencing a meteoric rise. The European Union, with its ‘Fit for 55’ package, aims to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, and solar power is central to this goal. The UK alone boasts over 13 GW of solar PV capacity, and with projects like the Cleve Hill Solar Park in the pipeline, the country’s commitment is evident.

Wind energy: The gale of growth
The gusts that sweep Europe’s shores are harnessed by turbines that stand as sentinels of sustainability. The UK is a global leader in offshore wind, with over 10 GW of capacity installed, and it’s steering towards a target of 40 GW by 2030. Europe’s total wind energy capacity is soaring, expected to power 30% of the EU’s electricity by 2030, according to WindEurope.

Hydropower: The constant current
Hydropower in Europe remains a fundamental energy source, with Norway generating over 90% of its domestic power from hydroelectric plants. The UK, while having a smaller hydro presence, still recognizes its value from stability and energy storage, with pumped hydro schemes like Dinorwig in Wales playing a critical role in the energy mix.

Biogas: The emergent force
Biogas is the dark horse of Europe’s green revolution, turning waste in watts. Germany leads the charge with over 10,000 biogas plants, while the UK’s anaerobic digestion capacity has surged, with over 500 plants producing enough energy to power over a million homes. The European Biogas Association notes the potential for biogas to cover 10% of the EU’s gas demand by 2030.

Hydrogen: The fuel of tomorrow
Hydrogen is the new frontier, and Europe is embracing this zero-emission fuel with open arms. The European Hydrogen Strategy aims to install at least 6 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers by 2024 and produce up to one million tonnes of renewable hydrogen. In the UK, projects like the Teesside Hydrogen project signal the country’s intent to be a global hydrogen leader.

Future projections: Energizing tomorrow
The horizon of the UK and European energy market is both green and grand. The shift towards green energy is fuelled by a blend of policy, innovation, and economics. Subsidy schemes, like the UK’s Contract for Difference (CfD), and the EU’s innovation Fund, are accelerating the deployment of renewables. Furthermore, technological advances in energy storage, smart grids, and efficiency are making these resources more viable than ever.

Case studies of transformation
Avanade stands at the forefront, not just in adopting green practices but in enabling its clients to excel in the renewable sector. Whether through optimizing renewable energy production or empowering smarter trading decisions, Avanade’s fusion of technology and sustainability is accelerating the green energy transition.

  1. SSE - Avanade’s work with SSE Renewables exemplifies their commitment to leveraging AI for more sustainable future. By developing a custom AI solution, Avanade has enabled SSE Renewable to enhance the efficiency of wind farms, bolstering the reliability of renewable energy sources critical to meeting the UK’s ambitious green targets.
  2. Zero Carbon Humber – The collaboration between Avanade underpinned by Accenture and Microsoft to accelerate the UK’s transition to net-zero carbon emissions is another testament to Avanade’s pioneering role. This alliance is pivotal in deploying cloud, AI, and other technologies to empower businesses to reduce carbon emissions and innovate towards a sustainable future.
  3. Centrica Energy – In the energy trading realm, Avanade’s work with Centrica Energy Trading has revolutionized how traders leverage real-time data to make informed decisions. By creating a digital trading floor, Avanade has fostered an environment where agility and accuracy are paramount, enabling Centrica to thrive in the dynamic energy marketplace.
  4. Anglian Waters – Journey to become a digital utility showcases Avanade’s expertise in creating digital twins powered by AI. This innovation allows for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, leading to more efficient water management and contributing to the preservation of one our most precious resources.
  5. Elexon – Avanade’s appointment as the Data Integration Platform Service provider by Elexon marks a significant milestone. It underscores Avanade’s role in ensuring the efficient operation of the electricity market, enabling a smarter, flexible system that’s equipped to handle the growing influx of renewable energy sources.

Conclusion: The UK & Europe’s green odyssey
As we embrace this tide of transformation, we see that green energy is not just an alternative; it’s the bedrock of a new energy paradigm. The pulsating heart of the UK and Europe’s green energy transition presents a wealth of opportunities for Energy trading companies.

In the next blogpost we’ll cover how the economic decarbonization goals and corporate Environment Sustainability Goals are driving a whole new magnitude of increase in demand for Renewable Energy.

Find out how Avanade is transforming the energy value chain for a sustainable future and improving the efficiency, safety and quality of production and operations.

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