A traditional sales workforce vs. a digital sales workforce

  • Posted on April 14, 2016

This article was originally written by Avanade alum Tom Hoglund.

We collected insights from our Avanade experts on a very common question that many sales team leads ask themselves – how is a digital sales force different from a traditional one? Here’s what our Avanade experts had to say.

Ruven Gotz, Director, Solution Development

I have seen a digitally enabled salesforce use enterprise social tools to drive innovation and motivation. The use of Yammer on mobile allowed salespeople to take pictures of unique display setups at their client retailers and immediately share them with their team, leading to friendly ‘bragging’ while spreading great ideas at a rapid pace. This was a great example of a digital tool gaining grassroots adoption among a small group that then spread like wildfire. When digital tools cause a process to change for the better (e.g. sharing winning ideas), the adoption curve shoots straight up.

Dave Nelson, SVP, Portfolio Solutions and Offerings

My perspective is that a digital sales force makes full use of data and technology tools to prepare for, interact with, and track the actions and sentiment of their customers and prospects. The digital tools are so much a part of their day-to-day activities that their selling processes cannot easily be separated from the technology which supports them.  However, with digital sales, the tools fit seamlessly into their work in a way that they easily connect the value of data with the human interactions they are engaging in – i.e. the tools are not “overhead” or administrative burden.

Tom Hoglund, VP, Portfolio Solutions and Offerings

Unlike a traditional sales force, a truly digital sales force:

  • Has important breaking information about their customers automatically delivered to them. For example: your smart watch pings you with an important update about the account, or a news scoop that just came out about the client’s business.
  • Can easily and instantly find and connect to the best experts, examples and data in their company to help close a sale
  • Has a higher win rate, a higher average deal size and a larger profit margin
  • More quickly achieves competence at their company, is more satisfied and stays longer

For more information on building a digital workplace strategy for your organization, visit us at www.avanade.com/digitalworkplace.

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