The Internet of Things is making waves. Are you ready?

  • Posted on January 12, 2016

Internet of ThingsA technology tide has been rolling in for a while, in the form of connected, smart devices. The Internet of Things is changing the world and it’s only going to become more embedded in our lives. Objects and devices capable of interacting with each other are making our work and social lives easier and more efficient by filling in the gaps that usually take up time. Smart parking, for example, that is able to monitor free spaces and announce availability to vehicles saves both time and fuel – benefitting both businesses and consumers.

Organizations wanting to differentiate themselves from competitors are noticing the value of connected devices and are coming round to the idea that to get ahead, you have to start embedding software to make devices smarter.

And I don’t just mean devices within the workplace. Businesses want to offer customers the most cutting edge products and the Internet of Things is pushing boundaries. Investment in this technology is therefore vital.

The next step for businesses utilizing the Internet of Things is connecting all devices through the cloud. Giving objects the ability to receive data through the cloud, immediately and automatically, means that predictive analytics can come into play.

Predictive analytics is the extraction of data in order to see patterns that help predict future trends. This brings a whole new layer to the customer experience as it actively improves the usability of everyday encounters. For example, a smart air conditioning system with access to weather predictions can adapt the temperature accordingly, making shop floors warmer or cooler to ensure an optimum temperature and more enjoyable visit for customers.

Avanade recently worked with a global pharmaceutical company, helping it to develop software for a blood analysis device it sells to laboratories. We are now supporting these devices throughout their entire product life cycle.

Typically, technology slows as it gets older and is more likely to malfunction later in the product life cycle. Avanade’s Managed Services keeps tabs on this, updating software to ensure it still delivers as if it were brand new.

A major factor in organizations being hesitant to adopt the Internet of Things is cost, yet by leveraging the economies of scale that Avanade can provide through its relationship with Accenture and Microsoft, we can drive down expenditure on maintenance.

However, it isn’t cost that’s the biggest factor when it comes to business adoption of the Internet of Things - it’s the skills to be able to use it to its best advantage. A new wave of technology requires teams to re-learn everything, so partnering with an expert like us is the best way to apply and manage devices and processes properly, and in the most cost-effective way.

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