Work from your phone with Windows 10 continuum

  • Posted on August 17, 2015

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Geert van der Crujsen.

Windows ContinuumWhen you compare the computing power of new smartphones with the average workstations that people use at work, it appears these phones should technically be powerful enough to run all applications you would normally use at work including Microsoft office, a web browser or most line of business applications. In a lot of enterprises it is already possible to access data from your companies premise through mobile device management solutions and there is a big movement of data being moved to the cloud for example with Office 365.

So what prevents us from using our phone as a workstation? The simple answer being that our phones aren’t made for this purpose. They have small screens and no input devices other than the touch screen which isn’t really good for writing documents or editing Excel spread sheets.

With Windows 10 Microsoft is going to change all this with a feature called “Continuum”. All phones running Windows 10 Mobile will be able to connect to a screen (wireless via Miracast or wired through USB-C) and connect the phone with a mouse and keyboard. In addition they will be able to add Hardware Apps built for Windows 10 that will run on any device from phone to tablet, PC, Xbox or even the HoloLens.

These universal Windows 10 apps will be able to scale from small to large screens enabling you to run applications like Excel on full screen, just like you would see on your PC when you connect your phone to a PC screen. Except that it now runs on your smartphone. When you connect the phone to a larger screen with Continuum you can even set the touch screen of the phone to turn into a trackpad like your laptop to control your mouse pointer.

When developing Windows 10 apps developers have to take into mind that their application will be able to run on several screen sizes so they have to make their apps adapt to all these scenarios. Luckily Microsoft added several new features for developers to make these tasks easier.

Having a phone as your main workstation makes offices with flexible workplaces a lot easier. Your data, applications, settings and personal preferences are always with you on your phone (or in the Cloud) and you can work anywhere where there is a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

What about you: will you be able work from your phone, or would you still need a full workstation?

This article was first published on LinkedIn.

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