Making the move to digital simpler for insurers

  • Posted on August 29, 2016

digital for insurers

Back in May, my inaugural post was titled the “Five Things Successful Digital Insurers Know” where I highlighted a few of the important concepts driving the conversation around digital.  In the background, Avanade was working tirelessly to transform these concepts into something tangible for our clients.  Avanade recently produced a video (see below) that highlights the offerings I believe are the cornerstones to help today’s carriers become modern digital insurers.  There are myriad ways to get to digital, but we’re starting to see patterns, especially in the mid-market where carriers sometimes have greater ability to implement change.

Convenient, consumer-centric business models are clearly establishing a new watermark of buyer expectations.  Devices and networks that keep people connected round the clock wherever they are, are largely ubiquitous.  What remains, is connecting the business to the environment our customers are already living in and becoming effective at gathering, generating, and distributing information where and when it is most useful.

Avanade is focused on Core System Modernization, CRM and Analytics as the foundational pieces to connect insurers to the digital world.  We combine this with consulting support to help define and advance each client’s unique digital agenda.  Bringing these pieces together within a traditional carrier organization helps meet the customers where they are, reducing barriers and elevating the brand experience.

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