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Avanade Spotlight

Putting the pedal to the metal for digital transformation

Posted by Mick Slattery on July 27, 2017

Avanade NA President Mick Slattery talks about the recent Grand Prix race in Montreal as well as challenges and success factors in digital transformation.

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Avanade Spotlight

Big brands innovating to drive new customer experiences and value

Posted by Ashish Kumar on March 29, 2017

We highlight four Avanade clients who won 2016 Sitecore Experience Awards for excellence in customer experience and digital marketing.

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Digital Business

IoT will give Williams Martini Racing insight for faster pit crew times

Posted by Olivier Polfliet on December 21, 2016

Avanade’s latest biometrics work with Williams Martini Racing is using IoT to improve performance in future fast pit stops.

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Digital Business

Pursuing a digital workplace: challenges and solutions

Posted by Darren Hardman on September 14, 2016

Digital transformation is helping businesses stay ahead of their competition by choosing to move to what is called a digital workplace.

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Digital Business

A digital workplace is putting Williams in pole position

Posted by Avanade News on February 2, 2016

Williams is digitising its workplace with Avanade, using tools and technologies to realise true business value and get results both on and off the track.

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Digital Business

The Williams and Avanade partnership: Digital transformation

Posted by Avanade News on October 19, 2015

Learn how Avanade is helping to digitally transforming William's entire business.

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Data and Analytics

Williams Martini Racing and Avanade: deciphering data to get results

Posted by Avanade News on September 14, 2015

Williams and Avanade's partnership is built on collaboration. Williams prides itself on heritage and Avanade brings modern technology to the partnership.

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