Three keys to upgrading Centrica’s technology platform for traders

  • Posted on September 9, 2016

Centrica technology platform upgrade

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Jacob Parsons.

Whenever we implement a large-scale, complex technology system, we hold our breath when it’s time to flip the switch. The situation at Centrica was no exception given that Avanade was on point to upgrade its Endur Energy Trading and Risk Management platform (ETRM), an essential technology component of the company’s Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) division.

For those of you who may not know much about energy trading, it’s a big part of what Centrica does daily. In just the last five years alone, Centrica has gone from 100,000 trades to 750,000 each year. In order to continue to scale the operations with increased performance and availability, it was evident that an upgrade was needed to their technology platform for Centrica’s energy traders.

The timing of the deployment was a major challenge since there were only eight months before the required completion date to be ready for winter gas trading and to meet new regulatory requirements. Most upgrade projects can take a year or more, but the team was determined to hit the go-live date and I’m extremely proud that we accomplished this hugely challenging upgrade on time!

The ultimate success of Centrica's technology platform upgrade came down to three critical factors.

  1. One team with common goals: We were able to draw on our Avanade Global Delivery Network to ensure we had the right team and the right mix of onshore and offshore resources to get the job done. The Avanade staff members worked closely alongside their counterparts from Centrica and contracting firms, resulting in one team with common goals.
  2. Effective reporting and tracking: No large-scale implementation is without some challenges. Effective reporting enabled us to spot troubling trends before they could disrupt the development process so we could address and resolve them quickly.
  3. Practice makes perfect: To help ensure a flawless upgrade, we conducted two full dress rehearsals on the weekends leading up to the target go-live date, in which the team practiced each of the 556 actions mapped out for the upgrade.

I’m proud to say that energy traders now have a system that is faster, more efficient and more reliable. Operational risk is reduced thanks to increased performance and greater uptime. Development costs are lower due to support for newer programming languages. And, most importantly, Centrica EM&T now has a technology platform that will support continued growth for many years to come Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

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